Xerox Cartridges for HP & Brother Printers

Quality and reliability you expect, at a price you can afford.

Xerox replacement cartridges for HP and Brother printers offer the exceptional performance you would expect from the leaders in innovative print and toner technology. Our toner has been micro-engineered for image quality and reliability ensuring you get the perfect print, page after page. Replacement cartridges have been designed and engineered to work seamlessly with your HP or Brother laser printer, at no risk to the original printer warranty.

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Why are customers choosing Xerox® Cartridges?

Immediate and Continued Savings: Save at least 25% on HP or Brother cartridges with equal or better page yields. As a result, you can expect lower costs per page compared to HP or Brother on all Xerox® cartridges.

Superior Quality: As the leader in toner technology, we are the standard for excellence in color, print quality and cartridge consistency. We guarantee quality and reliability in every cartridge.

Confidence: We don’t just offer the Xerox Total Performance Warranty—we design and test our cartridges to make sure you’ll never need it! All Xerox replacement cartridges are backed by a 100% lifetime warranty, providing you with confidence to print with ease.

Commitment to Sustainability: Our wide range of replacement cartridges not only save you money but also help to keep waste from landfills. Xerox is the sustainable choice for printing, with at least 90% of each original cartridge designed for re-use and 2.5 million cartridges recycled annually.

Get more done for less with Xerox branded cartridges.

With cost savings of 25-35% less than HP or Brother, a 10% or greater page yield and an unconditional Xerox lifetime guarantee nothing is better, safer and more cost-effective than Xerox replacement cartridges.

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