Xerox® Genuine Toner

The foundation of superior quality.

Why Genuine Xerox Toner?

Most people purchase a Xerox printer because they appreciate the promise of superior image quality and performance.

At the heart of every Xerox printer is the toner cartridge and nothing but the proprietary composition of Genuine Xerox Toner that can deliver on that promise.

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How do you know if your Xerox supplies are genuine?

Look for the Xerox Authentication Label. Don't be fooled by counterfeit supplies. See how you can avoid the hassle here.

Xerox never takes your safety for granted. Do bargain brands?

Every Xerox product is backed by a comprehensive review from the Xerox Environmental Health and Safety organization. You're safe, and so is the environment. But with no-name bargain brands, who's ensuring your safety?

Learn more about the steps Xerox takes to keep you safe: Why risk your health to save money?

145 million pounds and growing.

See how you can help recycle Xerox printer supplies with the Xerox Recycling Program.

Bargain brands will cost you more.

In-depth testing conducted by independent agencies shows that bargain brands will cost you more compared to original Xerox supplies.

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