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Desktop Printers

When it comes to desktop printers, convenience is key. That’s why our machines can easily fit into any office environment, whether home or business. Use this page to compare desktop printer models, read reviews, see current instant savings offers, and purchase online.

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Benefits of a Desktop Printer

Desktop printers offer a lower-cost alternative to larger laser printers without sacrificing quality. Depending on the model, you can:

  • Connect up to 10 users to your machine
  • Print as many as 29 pages per minute
  • Use built-in Wi-Fi to print from multiple devices

Your printer should enhance the quality of your work without cramping your environment. With any of our desktop printers, enjoy features such as:

  • Space-saving Designs. Since small desktop printers and even larger desktop laser printers can fit on a desk or table, they are the perfect resource for any home or business. Rather than having one standalone printer or a single printing location, place multiple machines around your office as needed and reduce print room congestion.
  • High-quality Images. Desktop printers are especially useful for printing color images as they allow for more control over paper size, type, and color intensity. Whether you need to print full-page or portrait-sized photos, achieve crisp output with our desktop color printers.
  • Versatile Paper Types. From glossy photo paper to textured paper, desktop printers can handle a variety of paper types to accommodate any kind of print job. This means desktop printers are perfect for designers, photographers and office employees alike.

Whether your office is big or small, or your printing needs are personal or professional, desktop printers can be easily integrated into almost any environment. For larger businesses, check out our high-volume printers. Or, discover even more printing and workflow power with any of our all-in-one printers.

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